I love my First Lady

Can you please tell her to tell her husband to stop killing muslims? Thanks

literally all she does is try to make the country “healthy” by giving students shitty school lunches like please do something else and help your husband fix the economy! *goes awf*

Imma need y’all to learn how the United States Government works. You don’t have to like her or the president but learn that they do not makes the decisions, they really do not have very much power, the president does not have the power to just snap his fingers and make shit happen or change things. You have to have 2/3 vote from congress to take a shit, let alone do anything having to do with government. The entire government was set up to make sure that exact thing could never happen, that is why there are 3 branches and that little thing called checks and balances.

In fact let me just break this down for y’all right here. 

  • President has 2 OFFICIAL jobs, Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, but he only controls a limited amount of the funding for those troops (enough for 90 to 120 days) to engage these troops in combat. He CANNOT just declare war. only congress can declare war. The second, Accountant over the Federal Budget. 
  • He also is responsible for creating and balancing the national budget, but everything has to be approved by congress with a 2/3 vote. 
  • He signs bills into law, can veto them as well, however congress can override his veto. 
  • He assigns judges to the Supreme court, with the senates approval. 
  • He assigns foreign ambassadors, with the senates approval. 
  • he creates his own cabinet for people to research into areas that he might not have the time to, these are the only people who do not have to get approval from senate
  • congress is made up of 535 people (100 senators 435 HoR) for any of them to come to 1 agreement has only happened once in the history of this country, and that was to go into WWII, and even that the house voted 434 to one (1st woman house of Representative she was from Maine too, she voted against WW1 and 2)  and the judicial branch can call anything unconstitutional and kill it as well. 

and if you think i’m lying you can literally google this shit in 2 seconds. 

That tea is delicious


Really, because Obama had the power to personally call the Yemeni government and request a journalist, who exposed American air strikes that killed dozens of Yemenis including pregnant women and children, be kept in detention when they were about to release him. Not the first time Obama has personally requested or himself detained whistle blowers on American war crimes. I hope we haven’t forgotten Chelsea Manning.

He also has direct command over JSOC who are responsible for covert offensive operations in over 75 countries, including terrorizing and murdering Afghans in shoot first ask questions never night raids.

Bush’s regime launched air strikes in 2 countries. Obama has launched airstrikes in 7, that we know about. These air strikes need his personal approval to be carried out.

Obama’s foreign policy is more aggressive and secretive than the past three regimes combined, yes that includes Bush. The president who ran on government transparency has personally overseen what little transparency that did exist be completely fucking obliterated.

Let’s not forget the 2 million immigrants deported by this regime and his attempt to fast track a policy that will deport hundred more children being kept in border detention centers. He can’t fast track universal health care, but he can fast track sending children back to war zones?

Look, I understand keeping Michelle out of this, but I’m so sick and fucking tired of liberals defending Obama for war crimes that make Bush’s look like child’s play. Obama is not some misunderstood liberal who tripped and fell face first into airstikes on 7 fucking countries that have murdered thousands, if not millions of civilians.

His election was amazing and important and I know there is a desperate need to make him seem better than he is that no white person, myself included, will ever understand, but this president has put American citizens on his Kill List. Targeted strikes on children. Launched airstrikes on Middle East and African countries that have killed thousands of innocent black and brown civilians, outsourced and financed violent war lords to tick people off that list, that has grown exponentially under his foreign policy. 

He has a lot more control over the black and brown people (whose lives should be valued more than excuses for Obama are) he kills than we like to give him credit for. He is a war criminal. Plain and simple. And if you think I’m lying, you can google this shit in 2 seconds.




I wanna live like this llama

Please unmute this. 



the first caterpillar to turn into a butterfly must of been like YOOOOOOOOO


I’d like to get off now


I’d like to get off now


i like wearing lipstick because you leave marks on literally everything omg. kiss a boy’s cheek? my boy now. drink out of a cup? my cup forever. don’t even think about having coffee out of that thing. it’s like marking your territory


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